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Posted on 6/29/2015 by Trish O' Sullivan in luxury consumerism distraction craving

The story of the Buddha leaving the palace 2500 years ago is surprisingly relevant to us today.

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A New Perspective on Addictions

Posted on 6/18/2014 by Trish O' Sullivan in addictions Traya Chakras

There is an entrenched paradigm driving our approach to addictions and their treatment. Yet it doesn't provide a clear cause and effect relationship.

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Relationship Energy

Posted on 9/21/2013 by Trish O' Sullivan in pivot point in couples therapy

Relationships consist of energy patterns that play out between people. To Improve relationships we must first examine what we bring to it.

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Ahimsa and Maladjustment

Posted on 1/21/2013 by Trish O' Sullivan in ahimsa nonviolence

Martin Luther King, Jr. used the term "creative maladjustment" in relation to the idea of going up against widely accepted injustice. We have become adjusted to violence. The ancient concept and practice of Ahimsa or non-violence can help us to wake up and become creatively maladjusted.

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Mood and the Common Cold

Posted on 9/30/2012 by Trish O' Sullivan in common cold Anahata chakra

The immune system and the subtle body share the same energy. When the immune system is stressed, energy is drawn from the Anahata chakra and the mood goes down. Also, includes "magic" cold remedy.

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Esoteric "Sleep Practice" for Insomnia

Posted on 7/8/2012 by Trish O' Sullivan in insomnia Dantien sleep

Drug-free sleep practice using ancient Taoist/ Buddhist Prayer/Chant

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