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"My TRAYA training has provided me with new therapeutic tools that allow for a deeper exploration of issues. This has taken my psychotherapy practice to a new level.  Instead of clients spending hours talking on a purely intellectual level, the TRAYA work invariably uncovers core issues and memories that only come from the unconscious.  It has been especially beneficial in buoying my clients’ self-esteem and healing anxiety and depression.  I have also grown personally through every step of the training process and I continue to use the tools in self-work.  
Additionally, more and more, in discussions of the spiritual, physical and emotional dimensions, people are talking about energy. The final step in the TRAYA exploration process in which negative energy is exchanged for positive, is a cutting edge example of doing just this.  I'm grateful for having these transformational tools and I highly recommend the TRAYA training." 

~ Ann Rothschild, LCSW

"When I first started working with Trish, my problems felt overwhelming. It was as if I was wrestling alligators and I was losing. However, through doing this powerful work, these problems, these issues, they feel more like mosquitoes, now. Things come up, they may upset me, but I am so much better equipped to see things for what they are. Most importantly I learned to trust myself and my own inner guidance. It has been invaluable to me to regain that sense of self. I am so very grateful to Trish and this amazing work." ~ LT

“I feel in a bodily way memories that were previously just thoughts in my head.   Feeling and releasing these has been tremendously liberating, giving me valuable insight into connections between emotional and physical problems and transforming how I feel.   Love and presence are over and over replacing feelings of tightness, deprivation, and weakness.“ SFL

“I was afraid to jump into life, afraid that the baggage of the past would sink me and now I can’t get enough of life.”  P.B.

“I am more affirming of life; I feel more interesting, engaged, appreciative.  I am enjoying contacts with people and I am not engaging in retail therapy.” R.S.  "

"I never understood why people wanted to live long.  I thought that they all walked around with this pain.  Now I see what I was missing."   MZ 

"I was driving in my car and another car came out of nowhere and I felt a panicked feeling.  Later I realized that I used to feel like this all of the time.  I was walking around with an underlying constant fear that would bubble up into panic at times.  After doing the TRAYA therapy,  it is hard for me to even remember what that was like as I am no longer like that."  ZR

"Thank you so much for this work.  I have tried many different therapies but nothing ever worked.  This is different, I am changing." BD

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