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Mood and the Common Cold

Posted on 9/30/2012 by Trish O' Sullivan in common cold Anahata chakra

The immune system and the subtle body share the same energy. When the immune system is stressed, energy is drawn from the Anahata chakra and the mood goes down. Also, includes "magic" cold remedy.


It is well documented that depression has a negative impact on physical health including headache, heart disease, and even osteoporosis.   The opposite is also true.  That is, physical illness has a negative impact on our mood and even the common cold can bring us down.  When we wake up feeling sick with a cold or flu, we notice that our mood is down.  Our language even reflects this reality.  When we are becoming ill, we say that we are “coming down with something.” 

This down mood creates a tendency to see everything negatively and to “pile on” “Piling on” means scanning our lives for everything that is wrong and then focusing on each of the accumulated issues one after the other and then rewinding and doing it all over again.  So this definitely is not the time to evaluate our lives.

Why do we feel this down mood when we have a cold?  Obviously this is a mind/body issue and there is a mind/body explanation.  This phenomenon is explained by the interaction of the mind/body energy at the Anahata chakra located in the center of the chest.

If a map of the chakras in the subtle body were overlaid on the physical body it would match the “map” of the endocrine system. That is, each chakra is in the area of a major gland.  If a line were drawn through the chest from the front to the back, the line would pass through the Anahata (heart) chakra and also through the thymus gland.   The thymus gland is involved with the proper functioning of the immune system. When the immune system is fighting a cold it “pulls” subtle energy from the Anahata chakra which is responsible for mood regulation and the mood goes down.

This dynamic of the sharing of energy between the mind and body may be more familiar and recognizable when we think of eating a big meal.  The digestive system pulls energy from the Manipura chakra located at the diaphragm.  Manipura governs the thinking or rational mind and we know to avoid demanding intellectual activity because our thinking mind is just not as sharp. 

This is good information to have so the next time you come down with a cold or flu you will understand why you are feeling so blue and can avoid “piling on” and then feeling even worse.  

Better yet is to stop the cold in its tracks.  The following remedy works almost magically if you catch the cold or flu as soon as you realize you are getting sick.  I haven’t lost a day of work since I was introduced to this by my brother several years ago.  It works.   I once offered it to a very skeptical physician who was contemplating leaving a retreat as he was plainly in the grip of a bad cold with obvious nasal congestion and coughing.  He took it and by the end of the day he was like new.  So here it is:

At the first sign of a cold or flu go to the healthfood store (better yet keep them both on hand so you are ready) and purchase homeopathic Pulsatilla 30c. Dissolve five tabs under the tongue three times a day.   Also purchase Marshmallow herbal extract and take half a dropper at the same time you take the Pulsatilla.    

 If it works for you, pass it on.   If it doesn’t, stay positive and get lots of rest!


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