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The Chakras

The chakras are organs of consciousness located in the subtle body. Discovered in ancient india, the focus was primarily on them as tools for spiritual growth and understandng. In the West, there is renewed interest in the chakras from a psychological perspective. The intersection of the chakras and psychotherapy was first explored by Carl Jung. 

The chakras are our psychospiritual wiring supporting and integrating mind, body and spirit. They are like colored beads strung along our spine from the tops of our heads to the base of our spine. There are seven large beads/chakras interspersed with smaller ones. 

As each color has a unique place in the world, each chakra has a place in our minds, exerting its unique influence. When the chakras are unhealthy due to energetic impressions from past negative experiences (samskaras), they exert a negative influence in the mind.  In my work with clients,  we surface these samskaras and restore the chakras to their original healthy state without negativity.  As we connect with the chakras,  we connect with our innate wisdom that is always guiding us towards wholeness.

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