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What is TRAYA?

Traya is both a collection of new techniques that work on and through the subtle body and a spiritual practice.   

Traya is holistic because it incorporates all aspects of mind—the thinking mind, the experience mind, the intuitive mind, the body mind and the higher mind.  One gradually is freed from domination by the thinking mind into engagement with the “experience mind” – out of abstraction into reality - out of distraction into increasing engagement with self, others and with life. We now have the ability to free ourselves of the suffering caused by negative thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors. We can finally leave the past behind as self-understanding, self-acceptance and a shift in perspective naturally unfold.

TRAYA is graceful and gentle. It can be thought of as nature’s mind-healing mechanism and all types of people (not just holistically-oriented) take to it readily.  

Traya practice can help you find your true direction, plant your feet firmly on your chosen path, believe in yourself and your choices and trust that if you show up and do what you love with commitment and determination, your vision will be realized.

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